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What are we doing

When it comes to what are we doing here at Filosoft, we don't like to think that we sell IT support. There are many companies out there who sell IT support. That is what they promote and they do have a lot of clients by offering them cheap, quick help to any business large enough to meet their requirements. They do IT support: If your hardware is broken, they fix it. If you have a virus attack, they remove it. If your server goes down, they repair it. They focus on the technology instead of the business instead. They care about your monthly check and not about the employees who rely on their service every day.

We do things differently here at Filosoft. We focus on our clients, our goal is to build a meaningful relationship with the businesses that we take care of.

We don’t sell IT support because that’s only secondary in what we do. Our real business is total peace of mind for our clients.

So how does not selling IT support change things for you?

Well, it means that we look at your business differently. We see beyond the surface level of your equipment. Sure there’s the server(s), your workstations, and the printers. You may have a couple tablets or wireless access points. That’s all fine, and it’s important to understand how all that gear functions. But what really matters is how it works in YOUR business. Each business we see could have the exact same server, but ALL of them do wildly different things with it. Because each company is different, they use their technology differently. That means that what most IT companies look at only scratches the surface of what your needs really are. They see the equipment but not what it’s used for.

In order to see down to that level, you have to interact with the people who use it. You have to form a relationship with the employees of the business. That’s why we value the personal interaction and relationship building so much here at InfoTech. Without it, your business is just a collection of machines, and we’re just one more machine making everything work.

When we’re able to truly understand how your business operates, we can form a support solution that works for you and you alone. When we see things on a personal level, we can care for your business in a way that other companies can’t hope to match.

How are we doing it

What does real peace of mind mean for our clients? Well it means that your IT equipment and the people who use it are going to be completely cared for. We don’t just fix what’s broken. We proactively care for your technology by making sure that we don’t just fix the things that break, but we fix the things that cause the break in the first place. Not only do we look after your hardware, but we’re also taking care of your employees. Sure we’ll fix a problem with the server, but if someone has a question on how to use their email account, we’re helping with that too.

Peace of mind is a hard thing to achieve, and it requires a huge amount of effort. We are making that investment because we know how difficult fighting with your technology can be, and we know how valuable your time is. As a business owner, we understand that the last thing you want is to have to worry about your computers on top of everything else.

If your company doesn’t currently have an IT support staff or you’re trying to handle things on your own, give us a call or send us an email. We’ll give your business the personal care and attention that it deserves. You can run more efficiently, save time and energy, and have a company that truly works for you.

We’re not here to sell you IT support. We’re here to give you peace of mind.

Andrei Dănilă
IT Manager
Filosoft Team



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Bomax Trading is a producer and distributor of electric power, producer and distributor of photovoltaic panels and real estate.

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